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    Interested in starting your own RIA firm? CLICK HERE for a 30-minute overview of CS2’s Turnkey RIA Startup Package with Mary Harris-King.

    Startup packages include:

    • FINRA entitlement process: creating your firm’s IARD/CRD account
    • Form ADV, Form U-4
    • Additional documents/processes required by your jurisdiction(s)
    • Policies and Procedures Manual customized to your business model and jurisdiction(s)
    • Review of marketing materials and website
    • Compliance calendar
    • Documentation tools to help you demonstrate that you’re doing what your jurisdiction requires—or in the words of a competitor, “a bunch of stuff you don’t need.”  IOW, stuff they don’t provide!


    Startup clients qualify for preferred pricing for our ongoing services platform, CO-Pilot for CCOs.  Find out more today by watching a complimentary overview presentation.